The semipermeable membrane for lipophilic nonpolar compounds with PRC.

SPMD PRC membranes are used for time-integrated monitoring for sampling of bioavailable contaminants in the aquatic environment. The cost, ease of usage, sensitivity, reproducibility, and application to water concentrations make SPMD the best available passive environmental sampler. Lipophilic contaminants accumulate into the membrane consists of a neutral, high molecular weight lipid triolein. Exposure time is approximately 4 weeks.

PRC (Performance Reference compound)  spiking standards: PAHs: Anthracene D10, Chrysene D12, Fluorene D10, Phenanthrene D10, PCBs: PCB 4 (2,2´Dichlorobiphenyl), PCB 14 (3,5 Dichlorobiphenyl), PCB 29 (2,4,5 Trichlorobiphenyl), PCB 50 (2,2´,4,6 Tetrachlorobiphenyl).

Parameters specification

Length: 92 cm
Width: 2,7 cm
Membrane: LDPE (Low density polyethylene)
Sorbent: High purity triolein
Triolein mass: 1 ml
Technique: SPMD PRC