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The 10th Anniversary of IPSW 2018, held in Dublin 9-11th May 2018 is over. Soon, there will be released programme and presentations to participants.
General information can be found on the www.ipsw.eu, and on the facebook, https://www.facebook.com/IPSWSymposium/.

The application of passive sampling technologies for monitoring of chemicals in the environment is becoming widely accepted worldwide. Passive samplers represent an innovative tool for monitoring of a wide range of environmental pollutants in water and in the air. The use of passive samplers greatly reduces the cost and the need of infrastructure on the sampling location.Two of the most commonly used passive samplers of organic contaminants in aqueous environment are the Semipermeable Membrane Device (SPMD) for nonpolar hydrophobic contaminants and the Polar Organic Chemical Integrative Sampler (POCIS) for polar contaminants readily dissolve in water. Metals may be measured by the Diffusive Gradient Thin Films (DGT) technology.
The Passive air sampler (PAS) with the polyurethane foam (PUF) sorbent is suitable for monitoring of selected persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the air.

Passive sampling set: Deployment canister L, spider carrier with SPMD membrane on the right, POCIS carrier with POCIS disk in the middle.

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