PRC Spiking

Standard set of PRC

      • PCB 1, 2, 14, 30, 50, 104, 145, 204
      • benzo[b]fluoranthene-d12

We recommend a spiking level of approximately 100 ng per sampler for PCBs-type PRCs and 300 ng per sampler for deuterated PAHs. Spiking levels can be made higher or lower, depending on your preference.
– The standard set of PRCs can be extended for improved accuracy or modified if needed.
– Check that selected PRCs are not used as analytical internal standards in your laboratory.

Extended compounds

The standard set of PRCs can be extended with the following compounds:

  • PCB 3, 10, 21, 55, 78
    • PCB10 and PCB21 may cause interference with native PCBs when analysed on some GC systems.
  • phenanthrene-d10 or anthracene-d10
  • fluoranthene-d10 or pyrene-d10
  • benzo[a]anthracene-d12 or chrysene-d12
  • benzo[a]pyrene-d12 or perylene-d12
  • Any other PRC of your choice

Please ask for a quotation when you consider an extended or alternative set of PRCs.