Silicone rubbers

Silicone rubbers are well-established passive samplers of nonpolar compounds.

       This is what you need:

  • Silicone rubbers are well-established passive samplers of nonpolar compounds.
    This is what you need:
  • Sampler housing. We recommend the standard housing (large or small) or the housing for shallow waters that are also used for SPMDs.  You can also use your own housing design.
  • Silicone rubber sheets
    – Our “Silicone rubbers strips – shaped like SPMD” are easily mounted in the housings for SPMDs.
    – Our “Silicone rubbers – standard shape” fit the housing that is listed in the ICES guidelines (90×55 mm with 5.5 mm mounting holes that are 33 mm apart)
    – We can manufacture sheets of any other shape that fits your specific housing design, using laser cutting technology.
    – We recommend the following number of samplers per study:
      • exposed samplers: number of sites times replicates per site
      • field/trip control samplers: number of sites times 0.2
      • fabrication control samplers (for determining initial PRC amounts and blank levels): 4
  • PRC spiking
    – We can reproducibly spike samplers with PRC, but you can also purchase samplers without PRCs.
    – We recommend the following standard set of PRCs:
      • PCB 1, 2, 14, 30, 50, 104, 145, 204 and benzo[b]fluoranthene-d12
      • We recommend a spiking level of approximately 100 ng per sampler for PCBs-type PRCs and 300 ng per sampler for deuterated PAHs. Spiking levels can be made higher or lower, depending on your preference.
      • The standard set of PRCs can be extended for improved accuracy or modified if needed.
      • Check that selected PRCs are not used as analytical internal standards in your laboratory
  •  Template for calculating aqueous concentrations. Details are given on the order page.