Cw calculation template


We offer a template for calculating Cw of various contaminants for our silicone rubbers (SSP–M823) and SPMD samplers. We are ready to help with calculations for another type of PS or with special requests.

SSP-M823 silicone Cw calculation template

Easy calculation of concentrations in water for SSP-M823 silicone samplers.


  • Input parameters:
    – sampler mass
    – exposure time
    – sampler surface area
    – retained fractions of performance reference compounds (PRCs)
    – accumulated amounts of target analytes
  • Output parameters:
    – Sampling rates with standard errors
    – Time-weighted average concentrations
    – plots of model results (model fit and residual errors)
  • Process up to 20 exposures in one run
  • Polymer-water partition coefficients (Kpw) of commonly used PRCs and nonpolar compounds
  • Target compound list and Kpw values editable to suit user’s needs.
  • Online training included
  • Manual with scientific background and operating instructions
  • Unlimited copies allowed within customer’s organization
  • 30 min free support by


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