MicroPOCIS for groundwater in narrow profile boreholes.

MicroPOCIS is developed for groundwater measurement of polar substances in narrow profile boreholes. The shape is rectangular with diameter 22 mm. There are 3 microPOCISs in series, analysed together as one sample with approximately the same active area as the standard POCIS (48 cm2). HLB Oasis sorbent is used. The sorbent weight in a set of three samplers in series is 220 mg, as well as in the standard POCIS. Stainless steel rods with different lengths ensure correct position in drill hole. Exposure time is approximately 4 weeks.
There are two possibilities of semi-permeable membranes:
1. A microporous polyethersulfone (PES) membrane,
2. modified membrane – a stainless mesh with molybdenum SS316 (wire width 400 microns, an opening 30 microns). This grid is also suitable for the diffusion of relatively small chemical molecules.
We can supply also minipump inside the borehole ensuring water circulation around the samplers.
The price is for one sampler.
MicroPOCIS is often used together with microSPMD for non-polar substances. We also offer sampling set (case) with all equipment for groundwater sampling.

Developed with support of Moravian-Silesian Region.

Parameters of goods

Sorbent: HLB – Oasis
Membrane: PES, or stainless steel with opening 30 microns
Diameter of frame: 22 mm
Sorbent mass: 73 mg
Arrangment: 3 samplers in series = one sample