SPMD for groundwater in narrow profile boreholes.

MicroSPMD PRC is used for groundwater in narrow profile boreholes. The membrane is the same as standard one, only it is shorter, the length is 15.5 cm. The amount of triolein in one membrane is 170 microl. There are two membranes in one boreholes as one sample, each one from one side of the rod (the price is for one membrane). The mounting system in the borehole uses stainless steel rods and hooks and springs. Exposure time is approximately 4 weeks.

MicroSPMD is often used together with microPOCIS for polar substances. We also offer sampling set (case) with all equipment for groundwater sampling.

Developed with support of Moravian-Silesian Region.

PRC (Performance Reference compound)  spiking standards: PAHs: Anthracene D10, Chrysene D12, Fluorene D10, Phenanthrene D10, PCBs: PCB 4 (2,2´Dichlorobiphenyl), PCB 14 (3,5 Dichlorobiphenyl), PCB 29 (2,4,5 Trichlorobiphenyl), PCB 50 (2,2´,4,6 Tetrachlorobiphenyl).

Parameters specification

Length: 15.5 cm
Width: 2.7 cm
Membrane: LDPE (Low density polyethylene)
Sorbent: High purity triolein
Triolein mass: 170 microl
Technique: SPMD PRC