DGT® Hg+As


Loaded DGT® device for mercury and As(III) in solution

LSNB-AP loaded DGT® device for mercury and As(III) in solution can measure Hg present as Hg2+ and methyl mercury. It selectively measures As(III). Standard DGT® holder for solutions with 0.8 mm agarose diffusive gel, polyethersulphone filter membrane  layer and a 3-mercaptopropyl functionalised silica gel binding layer.

DGT® Hg + As(III) sampler separates mercury and astat from solution while it is deployed.  Accurate, quantitative measurement of ultra trace concentrations can be measured. This device accumulates trace elements on a binding agent after passage through a diffusion membrane layer. The sampler can be deployed in streams, lakes, rivers or effluents and sampling is independent on flow. Exposition takes around 14-20 days depending on contaminated area.

Parameters specification

Diameter of plastic assembly: 4,0 cm
Diameter of gel discs: 2,5 cm
Height of plastic assembly: 2,0 cm
PS Technique: DGT® Hg+As