POCIS disc sampler for polar substances.

A polar organic chemical integrative sampler (POCIS) is a passive sampling device which allows for the in situ collection of a time-integrated average of hydrophilic organic contaminants. POCIS provides a means for estimating the toxicological significance of waterborne contaminants. The POCIS sampler mimics the respiratory exposure of organisms living in the aquatic environment and can provide an understanding of bioavailable contaminants present in the system. POCIS can be deployed in a wide range of aquatic environments and is commonly used to assist in environmental monitoring studies. Each disk consists of a solid sorbent sandwiched between two polyethersoulfone (PES) microporous membranes which are then compressed between two stainless steel rings which expose a sampling area.Exposure time is approximately 4 weeks.

Parameters specification

Diameter: 10 cm
Thickness: 0,6 cm
Membrane: PES (polyethersoulfone)
Sorbent: HLB – Oasis
Sorbent mass: 220 mg