MiniPOCIS for hard-to-reach places

MiniPOCIS for polar substances is used in hard-to-reach places where a disc sampler is not suitable, for example for groundwater analysis in drilled wells with an internal diameter above 30 mm. The membrane is protected against potential damage during manipulation or water flow from both sides by stainless steel covering. MiniPOCIS contains 220 mg sorbent, which is the same weight as the standard disc POCIS. The active surface of the PES membrane is about 30 cm2. stainless steel holder makes it easy to fasten, for example by snap-hook

There are two possibilities of semi-permeable membranes (the same price):
1. A microporous polyethersulfone (PES) membrane,
2. modified membrane – a stainless mesh with molybdenum SS316 (wire width 400 microns, an opening 30 microns). This grid is also suitable for the diffusion of relatively small chemical molecules.

Exposure time is approximately 4 weeks.

Developed with support of Moravian-Silesian Region.

Parameters specification

Sorbent: HLB – Oasis
Membrane: PES, or stainless steel with opening 30 microns
Diameter of frame: 30 x 105 mm
Sorbent mass: 220 mg