PS Set SPMD, SR or miniPOCIS – shallow water and wells



The deployment canister with the SPMD carrier for 2 SPMD and alternatively 2 SR membranes. It can be used for shallow water sampling, for example in creeks.  The other application is for underground water in wells with the diameter above 7 cm. We produce also the special stainless carriers inside these canisters for miniPOCIS samplers. There are three rectangular miniPOCIS samplers with the same sampling active area as standard discs POCISes.

Deployment canister with the SPMD or SR carrier (option is miniPOCIS) inside protects membranes from damage and even ensure uniform water flow around the membrane surface.  The carrier holds one to two SPMD, or as an alternative SR, membranes (not included).

Parameters specification

Height of canister: 73 cm
Width of canister: 6,7 cm
Height of carier: 62 cm
Width of carier:



6,5 cm

2 membranes (SPMD or SR)

3 x miniPOCIS