Silicone rubbers strips – shape like SPMD


Silicone rubbers strip samplers were chosen because accurate polymer – water partition coefficients (Kpw) are available for many contaminants and there is a good agreement between hydrodynamic theory and experimental sampling rates for these samplers. The SRs with a standard shape are often used in marine environment as it is described in the Guidelines for passive sampling of hydrophobic contaminants in water using silicone rubber samplers, Guidelines No. 52, Foppe Smedes, Kees Booij, ICES Techniques in Marine Environmental Sciences, 2012.

We modified the shape and the use of silicone rubbers in a such way that it can be use similarly as SPMD. It can be a great advantage to compare and test these two samplers. We adjusted the insert into deployment canisters of different shapes, including a canister for shallow water and wells. The active area of one sheet is approximately 500 cm2. The material is an experienced and tested thin highly-permeable PDMS membrane SSP-M823.

The price of one sheet is without spiking of PRC (performance reference compounds). However, inner standard PRCs are used for proper quantification. The price with PRCs depended on more factors and amount salles are possible that is why a price will be set individually.

Product Specification